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Racing Drone Courses

Are you thinking about getting in to Drone Racing?

Maybe you have bought a racing drone and are now baffled with the amount there is to learn and the large amount of choice there is for parts and upgrades.

Perhaps you did not think that you needed skills in electronics just to fly these things?

There is a large community of clubs and like minded racers out there who are always more than willing to help you and offer advice.

We supplement this community based learning with specific courses for those that are looking to learn in a structured environment.

So if you are looking to attend a Drone Course to learn about topics such as:

  • How to solder your motors, ESC’s and flight controller
  • What components should I use
  • What flight control software should I use
  • How do I configure my flight control software
  • Learning about different flight modes
  • How to fly a Racing Drone

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