Drone Racing Business Events

Why would you consider Drone Race Days for a business event?

1-Get noticed when exhibiting.

At expo’s and trade shows sometimes the hardest part of the event is getting noticed and standing out from your competition.  Offering something completely different like Drone Racing or Drone Games could definitely give you that high impact advantage over your competition at the same event.

Get people to drop a business card to be able to come and participate and you will be heading back to the office with far many more contacts to work on.

Depending on the size of your stand there are a number of marketing options to pursue, from branding to incorporating products in any race tracks or games.

If you have an idea we would be pleased to hear from you so we can work together to create a great event for you.

Drone Racing Events

2-Team Building / Team Competition

As we all know, keeping a team motivated is the key to success.

Of the many team building options there are out there (we are sure you have done many), how many can be done in your office?

Whether it is part of a spiff day / call out day / supplier promotion / End of Month/Quarter celebration or something that happens when you all down tools on a Friday.  Drone Race Days can come to you and give you something truly different right where you work.

Why not order in some pizzas for the team and let the games commence.

Or maybe getting off site for a team or management meeting is essential.  You need to get away from the phones to maximise the meeting time.

In this case we are happy to work with your venue (or help you find a suitable one) so that Drone Racing or Drone Games can become an essential agenda item for the day.

3-Customer Events

Looking for something different to do with your  customers to thank them for their continued business?

Then why not try something new and arrange an event based around the Drone Racing and Drone Games.

Invite your key contacts or even multiple customers and let them compete head to head.  And how about offering your companies soon to be coveted ‘Drone Olympics Winners trophy’.

We are happy to work with you around venue, branding and format to create a memorable event where your current relationships can be solidified and strengthened with your clients.

Drone Race Business

If any of the above ideas are of interest or if you have others you want to discuss then please use the details at the bottom of this page to call, email or use the social networks to get in touch with us.

Alternatively please complete our Contact Us form, we will get back to you as soon as we can.