Indoor Drone Racing – Tailored Drone Experiences

Welcome to Drone Race Days.

All the fun and excitement of Indoor Drone Racing brought to your location.

Whatever your event we can tailor and provide an experience for you that will be memorable and exciting.

We will bring all the equipment needed for Drone games and FPV Drone Racing

Drone Racing

Whether you are looking for team based  or individual competition, we have many options to choose from that will be perfect for any event of any size.  Competition areas and race tracks can be custom built or branded and even incorporate your products.

Our team have been flying drones of all shapes and sizes for years,  they will ensure everybody enjoys the experience.

Good for beginners

Even if you have never flown a drone before,  our nano and micro sized drones are extremely easy to control and a complete beginner will be in the air in no time.

Full training will be provided to get you flying, then what you want to do is up to you!

You could enjoy Drone based games like:

  • 10 Pin Bowling
  • Indoor Football
  • Space Invaders
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Search and Rescue
  • Obstacle course
    and more…..

Then you could then go on to (or even start off with) first person view Indoor Drone racing.

Tiny cameras on the micro drone send pictures back to the pilot, so the pilot sees what the drone sees.  It is just like sitting in the cockpit of a plane whilst you race around.

Micro Drone Gate
Micro Drone Gates

Imagine flying around illuminated tracks and obstacles or you could just race around the office desks and chairs or around your sofas, the only limit to indoor drone racing tracks is your imagination.

There is the option for us to provide a full race timing system (with live internet streamed results, as long as we have a connection), and we have the capability to display what the pilots are seeing on to your big screen or projector for spectators to enjoy.

Experience Required
Flying 0%
Fun Factor
Good Times 100%

Where to have an Indoor Drone Racing Day

Where we are based

This is where Drone Race Days has our HQ.  We can cover all of the UK for large events, but if you are thinking of small scale events for only a couple of hours, then it is probably best you are within 100 miles of here to keep the costs down.

Is it safe?

The Nano and Micro drones we use are very small, very light and all the fast spinning bits have guards around them, as far as danger goes there is not a lot to worry about.

However we will bring eye protectors to be extra safe should you wish to use them.

Total of Micro Drone and Nano Drone injuries to date
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They don't have to just fly to race, what about mini racing drifting Hovercraft, they are going to be available for events soon, so watch this space.

What next?

If you are planning an event that would be enhanced by the thrill of Indoor Drone Racing or the excitement of Drone games then please get in touch with us today.

Simply use the details at the bottom of this page to call, email or use the social networks, alternatively please complete our Contact Us form, we will fly right back to you.